Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Direct Dye Fading Treatment

I saw this on instagram awhile ago and wanted to know how it actually worked. Katie the creator of it swears by it but I have seen some youtubers who say it barley did a thing. I decided to try it on my friend ashly, which if you are familiar with my blog she has made a few appearances.

A little run down on ashly's hair.. The hair in the picture was previously lifted to about a level 7. Then had 1 rusk magenta application on the bottom(ombre), 1 joico magenta application on the bottom, then we brought the red up higher with more balyage joico magenta highlights and lastly an all over joico blue(making it purple).

This is what it faded to on its own..

Starting off with the coconut oil! We didn't leave it on for the full 2 hours, I thought that was a bit much and didn't see the reason for that. So instead we left it on for 45 minutes. 

Next we mixed up the bleach, clarifying shampoo, olive oil and a tiny bit of coconut oil (not as much as instructed because again I didn't see why we needed so much when the hair was fully coated in it)

We were just at home and didn't have a drier so instead we put a shopping bag over her hair and sat out side in the sun. 

What a difference one go! She was only originally lifted to about a level 7, 8 maybe.  I left her with the ingredients to do it again the next day.

Not as much of a difference the second time but I emulsified her hair more then she would have which I think makes a big difference 

It's hard to tell in the picture but lots of color did come out! On the top where only 2 applications of joico color intense color had been applied it pretty much completely come out in the first application! You can see in her bangs there is a light green streak 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Schwarzkopf, magenta & orchid balayage

Today's client has super fine hair and wanted to be mostly bright colors but didn't want to bleach her whole head..
We forgot to take a before picture but luckily remembered as we were applying the roots 

We applied at the roots with schwarzkopf 6-89, then balayage foiled her whole head not leaving any out due to the fineness of her hair 

Once we rinsed that out, at the sink we applied 6-89 to the mid area on wet hair. Then we blow dried and applied half of joico color intense orchid and half jocio magenta 

The schwarzkopf 6-89 and orchid magenta mix went together beautifully 

Done at the head shed in courtenay 

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