Saturday, July 9, 2016

Schwarzkopf, magenta & orchid balayage

Today's client has super fine hair and wanted to be mostly bright colors but didn't want to bleach her whole head..
We forgot to take a before picture but luckily remembered as we were applying the roots 

We applied at the roots with schwarzkopf 6-89, then balayage foiled her whole head not leaving any out due to the fineness of her hair 

Once we rinsed that out, at the sink we applied 6-89 to the mid area on wet hair. Then we blow dried and applied half of joico color intense orchid and half jocio magenta 

The schwarzkopf 6-89 and orchid magenta mix went together beautifully 

Done at the head shed in courtenay 

Fine hair balayage, balayage on fine hair, schwarzkopf balayage, 

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